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We are Macos Coffee Crafters GmbH – specialty coffee roastery and more!

Our aim is to supply delicious, high-quality, and sustainably sourced coffee. 


We were born from our passion for coffee, from the pleasure and joy of savouring a cup. Beyond that, we are fascinated by everything the coffee bean represents, from the time it is cultivated to the very moment the flavours explode in your mouth, exciting your palate and ultimately creating a memorable experience.

That's why we have decided to share our passion with you. We would like to share with other coffee lovers, not only what we’ve learned so far, but also what we continue to learn everyday through creating a community for those who are interested in knowing more about this fantastic plant and its product, that little bean, from which once roasted and grinded, you can extract through a multitude of methods, a hot or cold liquor that delights and energizes us whenever we drink it.

We hope you will join us on this journey to discover more about coffee history, different varieties, origins and methods of cultivation and processing, and what makes specialty coffee so unique.

When you cross our doorstep, you will enter the world of coffee and come to appreciate why we believe in working only with specialty coffee. You’ll taste a variety of coffees of exceptional quality, that are grown and processed in various corners of the world, and to which farmers and producers pay special attention, from the plant to the ready-to-roast bean. You'll discover how the roasting profile and brewing methods influence the taste and aroma of each variety.

We will attempt to spark your imagination and curiosity by sharing our enthusiasm and expertise, guiding you on your path to becoming a true connoisseur of specialty coffee, and to appreciate, step by step, the different ways of extracting coffee to enjoy a unique sensory experience.

We strive for an honest, transparent, and friendly relationship with our customers and employees. That's why, if you like or dislike something about us, we'd appreciate it if you'd let us know, to give us the opportunity to improve, evolve and grow.

So, join us in creating a community, in having a good time in a relaxed environment, brought together by our common passion for coffee!

Let’s be friends!

Happy caffeination all!

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