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Specialty Coffee Roastery

Coffee Collection


About us

We are Macos Coffee Crafters GmbH – specialty coffee roastery and more!

We were born from our passion for coffee, from the pleasure and joy of savouring a cup. 

We are only roasting small coffee batches so perfect taste and aroma is delivered to you.

Better Coffee for a Better World

We are passionate about infusing your coffee cup with flavor. We believe in Fairtrade, innovation and constant pursuit of excellence.

Every bag you buy is sourced from farmers that are paid a premium for their coffee, through sourcing partners we know and trust to do the right thing. We only buy coffee that can be traced to the farm where it was grown and that fairly compensates coffee farmers and everyone along the supply chain.

If fairer, more sustainable pricing is something you reckon you can get behind, then join Macos Coffee Crafters, and we promise to continually hook you up with amazing, delicious coffees from incredible farmers from all around the world. The more coffee lovers we reach, the better the outcomes at origin for farmers.

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