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The ARAM Espresso Maker is the first espresso machine that works completely without electricity and can be used both on the way or at home!

This masterpiece, handcrafted in Brazil and clad in fine wood, produces an espresso that rivals, and perhaps even surpasses, any professional portafilter machine!


After all, the Aram Espresso Maker works like a hand lever machine: The hand crank moves a piston that can get the best out of every bean with variable pressure.

Thanks to the solid steel stand that is included, the espresso maker can take a place in the kitchen at home or simply be taken in your backpack on the next hike without it!


Scope of delivery: Aram espresso maker, steel stand, 1 glass, 1 sieve insert 18g (53mm), 1 mini tamper

Aram espresso maker + steel stand


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